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Stop Selling Your Big Dream to Small Minds

Is it OK with you if I get real here for a minute? This past year has been a struggle. I’ve been on a mission to quit my part time job and work my network marketing company full time at home. I am motivated to be able to pick my daughter up from school, never miss an […]

Are you Following the 4 MUSTS of Building your Brand?

Are you ready for some more wisdom from the No Excuses Summit Stage in Las Vegas?  On Friday night, Julie Burke- a multiple 6-figure earner in her network marketing company told us how she learned a very important lesson! Julie had quickly become a 6-figure earner in one company (which shall remain nameless), when her upline took […]

The Problem with Prospecting & Recruiting

Can Using “Old School” Recruiting Methods on Social Media be Hurting Your Business and the Network Marketing Industry?I think you might be shocked once we peel back this onion.Have you noticed how everyone is pitching something these days?So much so that every time you open Facebook you see another opportunity or product that “you just […]

Can LinkedIn Save Your Network Marketing Business?

I was seriously about to throw in the towel… …until one day I was searching the internet looking for effective online marketing strategies, when I came across this GRAB BAG! Seriously, if you have been in the network marketing industry for more than 6 months, or maybe even 6 days, you may have felt frustrated about lead […]

Which Social Media Platform Has the Best Prospects?

So Many to Choose FromFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter….so many people to connect with – but every platform is different enough that if you are sending out the same message on all of them, you are likely spinning your wheels.  How many posts do you have just hanging out there with no likes, comments, DMs? Even when […]

Three Steps to Making your Business Work for You!!

Ready to Work From Anywhere? and focus on what’s really important: Your Health & Freedom! Before I started my business I was unfulfilled with my career, uninspired by my options, and felt like a hamster on a wheel. Every day getting by, but never really reaching the vision of how I wanted my life to […]